Diva Dog – Margaux

On a hot summer day I had an assignment to shoot how dogs lounged around and had fun in the summer months. Mastiff Margaux was a beautiful, extremely large Mastiff who was modelling summer goods for her owner Melissa Sikic. Not only was Margaux extremely shy (I think she thought she was a small dog at heart, not the size of a pony) her delicate nature was offended by the modelling demands put upon her. Every time I brought my camera up to photograph her, she would turn tail down the hall and wedge herself underneath a desk. After the 9th time Margaux was finally coaxed to come to the front of the store to model after many treats. She endured the life jacket with stoicism, but once those goggles were placed on her head, the game was over. With her owner trying to coax her, Margaux closed her eyes and shook her head and refused to so much as look at me until the goggles were taken away from her sight!

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