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Kate O’Brien

    I love how her arm is halting the fabric in mid air. I bought a beautiful indian fabric years ago and was waiting until my studio was finished to create something wonderful with it.   I asked Kate to twirl and play with the fabric, and I shot this just as it was […]

Tsuu T’ina Nations Annual 2011 Celebration

The designs integrated into Cree First Nation Lance Cardinal’s dance staff are very personal, with symbols from the golden eagle, at the pow-wow at the Tsuu T’ina Nations annual celebration near Bragg Creek on July 23, 2011.   Cree First Nation Lance Cardinal is attired by the golden eagle and is a traditional dancer during […]

Mike Holmes and energy company Enmax

Mike Holmes teams up with energy company Enmax in support of their solar panels in Calgary.

A true lover of oranges, Jaxon Dueck, 2, eats his orange with relish at the annual Heritage Park Harvest Sale put on by the Heritage Park Historical Village. Credit Calgary Herald

Mike Holmes during a shoot

Mike Holmes, Enmax

Mike Holmes and I have some fun after his Enmax photo supporting their solar panels in Calgary in 2011.