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MADD campaign

MADD Campaign

Calgary police constable Dan Kurz poses in the back of a hearse for the new MADD campaign at the EMS headquarters in the N.E. in Calgary. Photo by Christina Ryan, Calgary Herald

Virgin Fest

Illustration Virgin Fest

Virgin Fest in Calgary 2008. Christina Ryan, Virgin Fest

Preschool Camera

preschool camera

Mom’s watching you.  A bird’s eye view is being offered at Jump Start Preschool in the southwest, as parents are able to get online from their home or office and login to the preschool camera to see how their children are faring.  Sidney Whitten, 3, knows where the camera is, and her mom, Lindsay Whitten […]

Street Art

Illustration Street Art

On the way to the corner store, Albert Nasser walks by incredible street art that covers Michelangelo’s Workshop Cafe on 14th Ave and 11 St.Photo by Christina Ryan/Calgary Herald

Graffiti Smoker

Illustration Graffiti

A man having a smoke next to graffiti.

Light Tubes

Illustration Light Tubes

Have you ever heard of the wives tale where a florescent bulb will light under a tower? Well, it didn’t work for me. Eventually I ended up lighting the bulb with a flash to get the illusion of it working.

Streptococcus milleria

petri dish of a bacteria

PhD Candidate Chris Sibley at U of C holds a petri dish of a bacteria spelling out it’s name Streptococcus milleria. The bacteria often goes undetected when diagnosing lung infections in people with cystic fibrosis.The discovery will help patients recover faster and suffer less acute infections.Photo by Christina Ryan/Calgary Herald

Lost Binder

Illustration lost binder

Amongst the hustle and bustle of after school, a student at Calgary Arts Academy and Research Centre, 11 yr Lorcan Pitchers, asks Pat Dodsley if he has seen her lost binder.Photo by Christina Ryan