Special Projects

Tsuu T’ina Nations Annual 2011 Celebration

The designs integrated into Cree First Nation Lance Cardinal’s dance staff are very personal, with symbols from the golden eagle, at the pow-wow at the Tsuu T’ina Nations annual celebration near Bragg Creek on July 23, 2011.   Cree First Nation Lance Cardinal is attired by the golden eagle and is a traditional dancer during […]

AXIS Energy Services

A worker checks out the pipe.

  A two day trip including Nisku, created some incredible visual photos for Axis Energy Services website and promotional material of advanced drilling tools for horizontal, directional and verticle drilling.

Our Special Children

A personal project by Calgary photographer Christina Ryan of our special needs children, because they are seldom shown in a beautiful light.

Calgary Theatre


Christina Ryan documentary photography of the Calgary Theatre.

The Last of the Thoroughbreds

Thoroughbreds first race

Photographs from Calgary Stampede Park race track.